The King and The Queen - Newborn Photography With a Big Sister

The King and The Queen - Newborn Photography With a Big Sister

Newborn photography shoot with an older sister. And lots of princess dresses!

Follow Up With Kelley Walter and Fam

As I’ve said before, one thing I love is getting follow up calls. Why? Because I am always so amazed seeing these kids grow up. I can’t explain it but it just feels like a precious surprise each time.

The last time I saw Kelley he was 10 days old. And really he was more like -20 days old because he was born prematurely. He was super tiny. And there was no way to tell what kind of a person he would become.

Now, seeing him again at 9 months you can start to see where he is headed in life. The first thing I noticed was his red hair! Yay for recessive genes :)

But what I noticed most as we hung out for a couple of hours was how happy he was and how much he loves his parents. And how much they love him in return.

Xmas with Ella

So of course, like any sane person would, I didn’t stop working on xmas! Haha well, sort of.

Here’s the thing. I LOVE taking photos. There is nothing else like it. Capturing that one special moment can mean more than anything to a parent. And eventually years later, it will mean even more to the child and their children, and their children’s children. It becomes a family heirloom. A memory cast in stone. A portal into the past that gives us a loving sense of who we are and where we came from.

I knew I had brought my camera down to my Dad’s for a reason. And yes, I did make us stop multiple times on country roads to take landscape photos, but when little Ella walked in the door I knew why my camera was in hand. So I asked her Dad if he wanted some Christmas photos and he was so grateful.

So to all the parents who survived Christmas 2018, Congratulations! One day you will look back and won’t remember how tired you are :D

Toddler Trouble!

This past week I was in Miami and had the pleasure of doing another photos shoot of with Osena. It is always so amazing to see the progression from newborn to toddler. The first time I met Osena she was totally asleep and now she is bouncing off the walls. Her mom affectionately refers to her now as her “little rascal”.

Osena 2018-06307.jpg
Osena 2018-06316.jpg
Osena 2018-06319.jpg
Osena 2018-06344.jpg
Osena 2018-06404.jpg
Osena 2018-06325.jpg

Newborn SAFETY!

Newborn safety is something I care a lot about. I’ve done tons of research but just to make sure I was dotting all my i’s and crossing all my t’s, I took a course to get certified in newborn photography safety through AANPS.

When it comes to anything newborn related you are always better safe than sorry.

Here’s my little cheat sheet I put together on what to look out for. This is general and does not include much on posing. Luckily since I don’t do posing my approach is very safe. I’m simply there to document natural moments. If you choose to go with a photographer who does poses I suggest reading up on it.

newborn photography safety

Jackson Walking With His Great Grandmother

I. Can't. Even.

jackson walking with grammy

Every time baby Jackson saw his Great Grammy's walker he would grab it and start practicing.  He's 9 months and she is 87 years.  

grammy helping jackson
baby photo

Grammy was thrilled to help Jackson because he is her first great grandson and in her words "he is the perfect baby".

grammy and jackson

I feel so privileged to have caught such a moment.  I know Jackson's mother and his Mimi will both cherish this for years to come.

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4th of July 2018

It's been AWHILE since I've written a blog post but rather than just share all of my photos on social media I've decided to start sharing them again here.  

Here are some adorable photos I took of my nephew this Fourth of July:



Some things change.  Some things stay the same...

Celina one year later
Father and son
Jackson 4th
Celina and Jackson