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How to Take Better Baby Photos at Home With Any Camera

It’s finally here! My free tutorial, “How to Take Better Baby Photos at Home With Any Camera”

I hope this helps you out. It’s my strong belief that all families should have access to creating beautiful photographic heirlooms. Professional photos are amazing, yes. But you’re going to want to take photos on a much more consistent basis than most people could ever afford to do professionally so my hope is this helps you achieve just that.

How to Take Better Baby Photos at Home With Any Camera

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session in Central Mass

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an in-home newborn lifestyle photography session with a really sweet family right here in my neck of the woods in Central Mass. Zoey was just about 3 weeks old on the day that I came over to take her photos. Zoey was the sweetest little peanut and loves being held by her mommy and daddy <3

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-14.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-20.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-23.jpg

She loves kisses too!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-26.jpg

When I do newborn photography sessions I ALWAYS make sure to get these sweet little details. Especially little fingers and little toes.

Seriously, why are they so CUTE?!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-46.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-40.jpg

I took a big documentary style approach to this session getting lots of bonding moments.

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-42.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-34.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-71.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-37.jpg

I was so happy to capture this moment below. Her parents call this her “little ohs” face. Every baby has a unique face they make or position they get into and it is so important to capture those quirks on camera!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-68.jpg

This newborn moment was so sweet. However, if you have ever had a very hungry baby you know the real story behind the photo!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-79.jpg

And we ended with some adorable family photos. of mom and dad giving plenty of love to their little bundle of joy.

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-81.jpg

Sweet Spring Flowers - Newborn Shoot with Freya in Leominster, MA

Sweet Spring Flowers - Newborn Shoot with Freya in Leominster, MA

I had little Freya come in to be my model for my upcoming training “How to Take Better Baby Photos at Home With Any Camera”. After we filmed the video I took some photos of her.

I loved her little spring newborn outfit with flowering peonies and a headband to match. TOO CUTE!

These photos were really only taken in a matter of minutes. I made sure to get all the details: eyelashes, little toes and little hands. And we got a bunch of really nice newborn portrait shots as well.

The King and The Queen - Newborn Photography With a Big Sister

The King and The Queen - Newborn Photography With a Big Sister

Newborn photography shoot with an older sister. And lots of princess dresses!

Jackson Walking With His Great Grandmother

I. Can't. Even.

jackson walking with grammy

Every time baby Jackson saw his Great Grammy's walker he would grab it and start practicing.  He's 9 months and she is 87 years.  

grammy helping jackson
baby photo

Grammy was thrilled to help Jackson because he is her first great grandson and in her words "he is the perfect baby".

grammy and jackson

I feel so privileged to have caught such a moment.  I know Jackson's mother and his Mimi will both cherish this for years to come.

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4th of July 2018

It's been AWHILE since I've written a blog post but rather than just share all of my photos on social media I've decided to start sharing them again here.  

Here are some adorable photos I took of my nephew this Fourth of July:



Some things change.  Some things stay the same...

Celina one year later
Father and son
Jackson 4th
Celina and Jackson