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Secret Garden Fun With My Nephews

I took some fun family photos for my in-laws in my garden a couple of weeks ago. As a result it inspired me to host mini sessions this summer which you can read about here.

mini sessions leominster
beautiful blue eyed toddler
secret garden mini sessions

Jameson tried a grape popsicle for the first time. He gave it mixed reviews….well at first!

“Hmmm what’s dis?”

“Hmmm what’s dis?”

“wahhh datz cold”

“wahhh datz cold”

“Mmmm wait a second…”

“Mmmm wait a second…”

jameson loves his popsicle

He looks like he is enjoying himself now!

summer photos for kids

Jackson went crazy running around pantless with a grape popsicle in hand, infiltrating my garden. I mean, I can’t blame him. He’s doing summer right!

full of popsicle

I think we’ve all felt this way at one point or another after eating too fast LOL.

running pantless
baby loves bubbles

Gotta do a poop check before family photos! Hahah oh man, you have no idea how happy my sister-in-law was that I captured this hilarious photo!

poop check

Annnnnndddd we’ve got a winner! Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. 100%

Family photographer leominster

BTW this post inspired me to host Secret Garden Family Mini Sessions this summer in my garden. Check out the link for more info.

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session in Central Mass

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an in-home newborn lifestyle photography session with a really sweet family right here in my neck of the woods in Central Mass. Zoey was just about 3 weeks old on the day that I came over to take her photos. Zoey was the sweetest little peanut and loves being held by her mommy and daddy <3

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-14.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-20.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-23.jpg

She loves kisses too!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-26.jpg

When I do newborn photography sessions I ALWAYS make sure to get these sweet little details. Especially little fingers and little toes.

Seriously, why are they so CUTE?!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-46.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-40.jpg

I took a big documentary style approach to this session getting lots of bonding moments.

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-42.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-34.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-71.jpg
Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-37.jpg

I was so happy to capture this moment below. Her parents call this her “little ohs” face. Every baby has a unique face they make or position they get into and it is so important to capture those quirks on camera!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-68.jpg

This newborn moment was so sweet. However, if you have ever had a very hungry baby you know the real story behind the photo!

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-79.jpg

And we ended with some adorable family photos. of mom and dad giving plenty of love to their little bundle of joy.

Zoey In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo-81.jpg