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Family Photos with Newborn Baby M

Sweet baby M came into the world about a month before this newborn session. Her older sister L was super excited for the photo shoot!

kate landry web photos-01768.jpg
kissing newborn baby sister

Sister LOVE <3

big sister little sister newborn photos

I NEVER miss out on capturing these little details like baby feet and little baby fingers. It’s something you’ll never want to forget.

little baby hand
baby ear
little baby feet

I love capturing the unique everyday moments of families. Each family has a different personality and a story to be told.

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family photos leominster ma
mom and daughter photo
dad and newborn baby photo

newborn lifestyle photography leominster
sister and baby
making funny faces

Older siblings usually want to make lots of funny faces. But that’s okay. We just roll with it. I like to assure parents that it only takes 1 second to get a good photo and I am there and waiting for that perfect moment. Plus the funny faces are well…funny!

family photo making funny faces

sweet newborn baby face

Don’t you love the adorable little faces that newborns make? Seriously, it never gets old. Each one is unique too which is so fascinating to me.

family photos with newborn
newborn baby photo

Lots of hugs and kisses to go around in this family!

family portrait
kissing her newborn sister
group kiss famliy photo
holding her newborn sister
baby hair

So it was literally 100 degrees out on this day but we did venture outside for about 5 minutes for some more photos!

adorable newborn
outdoor newborn photography

AND we had a little bit of fun while doing it! Well, at least big sister L did! I think at this point baby M’s idea of fun is reserved mainly for drinking milk and napping. But soon enough, she will catch up to her big sister.

family photography outdoors

Secret Garden Fun With My Nephews

I took some fun family photos for my in-laws in my garden a couple of weeks ago. As a result it inspired me to host mini sessions this summer which you can read about here.

mini sessions leominster
beautiful blue eyed toddler
secret garden mini sessions

Jameson tried a grape popsicle for the first time. He gave it mixed reviews….well at first!

“Hmmm what’s dis?”

“Hmmm what’s dis?”

“wahhh datz cold”

“wahhh datz cold”

“Mmmm wait a second…”

“Mmmm wait a second…”

jameson loves his popsicle

He looks like he is enjoying himself now!

summer photos for kids

Jackson went crazy running around pantless with a grape popsicle in hand, infiltrating my garden. I mean, I can’t blame him. He’s doing summer right!

full of popsicle

I think we’ve all felt this way at one point or another after eating too fast LOL.

running pantless
baby loves bubbles

Gotta do a poop check before family photos! Hahah oh man, you have no idea how happy my sister-in-law was that I captured this hilarious photo!

poop check

Annnnnndddd we’ve got a winner! Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. 100%

Family photographer leominster

BTW this post inspired me to host Secret Garden Family Mini Sessions this summer in my garden. Check out the link for more info.