Leominster newborn photography

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Shoot in the Boston Suburbs

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Shoot in the Boston Suburbs

A couple weeks ago I shot a newborn lifestyle photography session for an adorable family in the Boston suburbs.

The Yearning to Mother - A Newborn Photographer's Perspective

I remember when I was a toddler, sometime in the late 80s, I had a baby doll that my aunt had given me. The doll was named “Billy” after the man who mowed the lawn LOL (don’t ask!). I would wrap Billy up in my blankey and pretend that she was my little newborn baby. I think for many of us the urge to mother gets built in from when we are very young, maybe even from birth.

newborn photography the yearning to mother

Since my husband and I settled down and bought our house in Leominster that urge grows deeper in me. And being a newborn photographer helps a bit with the baby fever too! LOL.

Seeing this sweet photo reminds me of how long I’ve wanted to be a mother.

I see myself mothering already in so many ways. With the plants in my garden, with our little fur baby Cleo. The instinct to allow other beings to grow and be nurtured has always been there and always will be.

The timing isn’t quite right for us to be bringing a child into the world but I know it will be soon. I look forward to those days. Just like the little girl in this picture.

PS. I still have Billy and my old blankey stashed away. Although I admit that Billy kind of looks like she might be friends with the Chucky Doll at this point hahaha!