Sweet Spring Flowers - Newborn Shoot with Freya in Leominster, MA

I had little Freya come in to be my model for my upcoming training “How to Take Better Baby Photos at Home With Any Camera”.

And after we filmed the video I took some photos of her! (how could I not?)

how to take better photos flyer.jpg

(BTW you can sign up for that training here…)

adorable newborn photo

I loved her little spring newborn outfit with flowering peonies and a headband to match. TOO CUTE!

These photos were really only taken in a matter of minutes. I made sure to get all the details: eyelashes, little toes and little hands. And we got a bunch of really nice newborn portrait shots as well.

Here are just a few of the shots I got:

close up eye lashes newborn photo
freya newborn photography
newborn holding mommys hand
newborn portrait freya
say hello newborn photo

I will say with such little time to shoot we got lucky tho! Freya started to cry A LOT not too long after. It was like the calm before the storm.

That’s why I normally book my in-home newborn shoots to be at least 2 hours long. That way we have plenty of small openings when baby is feeling calm to get “the shot”.

crying freya newborn

Freya’s grandmother knitted her this blanket by hand and really wanted a shot with it. BUT she was crying SOOOOO much! Ahhh!

I told mom. “Let’s put her in a white onesie so the pattern doesn’t look too busy and try and see if she calms down.”

The first attempt did not go over so well….


No amount of soothing seemed to work for this collicky little cutie :(

But then she seemed to change her mind…

mom and freya newborn holding

I worked my baby magic and we got in a few shots of Freya on Grandma’s blanket before she went back to crying again.