The King and The Queen - Newborn Photography With a Big Sister

The King and Queen of Newborn Photography

(in New England anyway!)

newborn  photography with sibling

Honestly, I love my job. It is sooooo much fun! And there is sooo much cuteness!

Most photographers want to heavily plan their shoots. And I get that. That way you can control the outcome.

But would I ever have guessed that big sis Ella would have multiple princess outfits to change in and out of?

Well, I guess I should have guessed yes but I didn’t. It certainly was not part of the plan. But I’m so glad we let things unfold naturally.

older sister-6.jpg
older sister-7.jpg
newborn photography princess big sister
older sister-5.jpg

Ella even made a crown for her baby brother, Remy.

I love having these sort of family heirlooms around as well. The wicker bassinet once held their mama when she was just a baby.

Lindsay Courcelle-18.jpg
newborn photo in cradle
Lindsay Courcelle-12.jpg
little newborn feet

And we did get SOME downtime between all the toddler craziness!

mama and newborn
newborn mama holding babys hand
mama and baby

Most kids are fine being photographed as long as you let them do their thing! That’s why I love taking a documentary approach to my newborn photography. And cheezits help too ;)

cheezit queen

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