April Showers Bring...

Her majesty Queen Crocus has arrived:

White crocus photo
flowers in the cracks
white crocus closing

Little white flowers peek through the bricks.  Queen Crocus starts to get sleepy and closes up about an hour or so later.  Isn't it amazing how flowers actually MOVE throughout the day.  I never realized just how animated plants and flowers are until I saw Louie Schwartzberg's "Flowers -- Moving Art".

purple hipster spring flowers
bluebells spring flowers

You know Spring has come not just by the arrival of flowers but also that feeling of the warm air brushing by your cheekbones.  The smell of the earth thawing.  The streams of melted frost running down the streets. 

bokeh puddles
purple striped crocuses in rocks

Cattail fluff by the Lake and Mother Mary in her flowering garden:

cattail fluff
Mary statue

Budding branches by the Lake:

budding branches at sunset

The Easter decorations are out!

happy easter

Even Cleopatra is getting her Spring fling on:

I hope you all are enjoying Spring.