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“I just want you to know how much these pictures mean to me. Thank you so so much for them Katie, they are honestly one of the most cherishing things I have to be able to give her down the road!” -James


Jameson’s Birth Documentary

Victoria Newborn Video

Kelley Newborn Video



Newborn Photography

 We couldn’t love these photos any more, they are amazing!!! Thank you so much. Matt and I have already been poring over them thinking there are way too many we want to frame. You have such a talent Katie, we are lucky to know you.
— Danielle


About Newborn Documentaries

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Having a baby takes an enormous amount of energy. It’s hard enough to pour yourself a cup of coffee nevermind even thinking of bringing your newborn to a photo studio.

What if you didn’t even have to leave your home? What if you didn’t even have to do anything AT ALL?

Imagine if a photographer came to YOU and simply took photos of you, your spouse and your baby doing the same things you do every day. And yet, the photos were stunningly beautiful.

Imagine not having to even bother cleaning your whole house because you’ve hired a documentarian adept at finding the right angle or using the right camera settings that don’t show your dirty windows or messy kitchen. I mean, you just had a baby, you don’t have time for that!

Imagine a beautiful short film and/or photos that show you and your baby in the best light possible while still capturing reality.

Imagine fine art images that are classic and timeless and will never go out of style. (ie your kids won’t laugh at them when they get older)

Most of all, imagine having an heirloom of such high quality that it will actually LAST.

AND your family will be able to pass it down for generations and generations to come.

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Preserving early life memories is not frivolous. It is a necessary and perhaps even sacred act.


There is something really touching about capturing those tender, newborn moments. Those first days of breathing the world’s air. As you know, it only happens once. And it happens fast. Newborn photography is not just for you, the parent, but also for your child, your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren too.


I believe newborn photography and videography should be of a stunning, fine art quality. But it should also be real life.  


Some people like a more posed style but I prefer natural images.  Also known as “lifestyle photography” or “journalistic photography”. By taking a documentary approach, you’ll have classic photos/videos that are timeless. It will be your very own work of fine art.

When you look back years later, you’ll not only want to see a gorgeous picture but a moment that you actually remember. One that reflects the essence of your family life and values.

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So what exactly IS a Newborn Documentary? I know, this is probably the first time you are hearing of one. Well, the easiest way to explain it is to simply watch one. If you haven’t already, head over to my portfolio page and watch a video. Or send me a message to request to view my pricing page and see all the details.

In addition to newborn documentaries I also offer newborn photography and maternity photography.


About Katie Bourgeois

Me and my nephew, Jackson just after his birth

Me and my nephew, Jackson just after his birth

I graduated from Skidmore College in 2008 with a major in Fine Arts. My first introduction to the photography world was in Paris in 2007 learning street photography and developing prints in the dark room. In addition to newborn films & photography, I love native plant conservation, perennial gardening, oil painting, writing poetry, black coffee and Maine Coon cats.


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I offer gorgeous, heirloom quality albums with thick pages and leather or canvas hardcover. This way you actually have something you are proud of to pass down in your family. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Professional quality prints and canvas wraps are available a la carte with any package.



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